Music Supervisor.



Winslow Bright is a music supervisor, actor, and recording artist based in New York City. Recent television acting co-star roles include ABC’s “The Family," CBS’ “Unforgettable,”and Black Pills' "All Wrong." Winslow is represented for TV & Film by TMT Entertainment and commercially by Paradigm Talent Agency. National commercials of note include Chase Bank, Apple, E!, MasterCard, Crest, and AT&T.

As the Executive Producer at Search Party Music, Bright oversees the brand and advertising division, working closely with agencies, production companies, and directly with brands to find or create the perfect music for their original content. With the ever changing landscape of music and entertainment, this can include music supervision, clearance and licensing, original music and re-record production, talent negotiations, and brand consulting. 

Bright attended NYU's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music where she honed her skills in songwriting, music production and performance. She quickly saw music supervision as a bridge between her passion for both film and music. While at Search Party, Bright’s production work has been recognized by The CLIOS, The Association of Music Producers (AMP Awards), the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP), and the Women In Music Awards. 

Recent supervision campaigns of note include Tiffany & Co.’s & LOVE fragrance campaign with music from King Princess and Mark Ronson, MINI: MAKE SPACE with a cover of “Don’t Fence Me In” by artist and on-camera talent Labrinth, Budweiser's 2019 FATHER’S DAY campaign with original music from Search Party Music and Facebook’s LIBRA launch with a licensed track from the late Johan Johansson. Bright is also an accomplished supervisor for independent film with recent credits including LOVE AFTER LOVE directed by Russ Harbaugh and BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHON from director Paul Downs Colaizzo, in theaters now.